Responsive Web Design

The smart phone and the tablet are transforming the web landscape. Not only is mobile changing the web, it is transforming our communication and buying habits.

We use smart phones to view our email, find the next appointment using the Google maps app and watch YouTube videos.

Ever sat on the train or the bus and watched people? They are on their mobile devices, searching, reading and yes…they are also buying.

Here are the facts.

  facts ebay

In 2012 Ebay’s mobile payment volume

reached over $13 billion

facts paypal

PayPal’s mobile volume was

up by 300% last year.

To take advantage of this ever increasing trend you need to ensure that your Magento ecommerce website is designed for mobile. This requires making your website responsive. This is where the website will automatically resize (respond) according to which device it is being viewed on. This could mean that a HD widescreen that displays a 3 column layout will become 2 columns on a standard laptop display and only one when being read on a mobile phone.

Some of our Magento Responsive Website Designs

So why should you have a responsive website?

Are you considering designing and upgrading your website for mobile?

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