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Ten years ago most of your competitors were local. Today they can be in London, New York or Hong Kong. Improved logistics driven by new technologies, improved airfreight transport infrastructure and a social web that provides marketing platforms to the world is opening a global marketplace.

It means the competitive pressures have increased. Along with these downsides, the opportunities have also been amplified. You can grow a business with increased velocity to a larger audience at lower risk. No longer do you need to set up a physical office or store.

One online store with the capacity for many countries is now technically possible and done often. It means that you need to not only have the right website but the correct marketing tools and social media networks.

So what do you need to consider to market to a global audience?

A website that is found in search engines when customers enter keywords and phrases to look for your products and services.

A platform that allows visitors to share your website with their social networks accelerating brand discovery and improving Google search results.


The technology you use for selling online can cater for multiple domains in multiple countries

Your product shipping functions can manage different currencies


Ship from different warehouse or even handle drop shipping

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